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In the exhibition SPECTRUM | The Five Senses, visitors are encouraged to explore with their senses, but not everyone experiences and senses the world in the same way, especially since not all of us have access to all five senses.

THEMUSEUM is excited and honoured to showcase Olivia Brouwer’s collection of work titled The Scales That Fall From Our Eyes. We hope this exhibition provides a new perspective and sense of awareness of the versatility of our senses.

The Scales That Fall From Our Eyes borrows imagery from the Biblical story of Saul, using the scales as a metaphor to represent the change that takes place when shedding prejudiced or inaccessible traditions in order to support justice and inclusivity for marginalized communities. Additionally accessible through touch and sound, the artworks are intentionally obscured visually or translated into the Braille language, drawing attention to the necessity of including non-sighted audiences in the art community by changing the way we ‘view’ art.

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"Just scanning the themes here, I think you and the programming team should be very proud of the relevance of your institution to so many of the important conversations of our time. Please keep doing what you’re doing!"

- Glen Drummond, Chief Innovation Officer,